Kristian Schuller


Kristian Schuller

From November 30 to January 26, the Young Gallery in Brussels catchphrase “Magic Circus” by Kristian Schuller. Whimsical fashion photographer who lent his photo coverage last June.

Fashion photographer in the crazy world, Kristian Schuller book with “Magic Circus”, a series of all recognizable. In the heart of the desert, open circus, models become actresses a crazy show. The colors and eye-catching, stagings call for gaiety photos Schuller is a party. He confided in Photo No. 490, “fashion, this is the largest circus – and this is not a criticism: I love the circus There are large tamers – Karl Lagerfled, Christian Dior! time or Marc Jacobs. smaller horses, models, which are posing. fashion is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it is a creek.

“I want to create an ideal world that is in my head, and my ideal is a circus of Fellini, a mixture of all the beauty.” As phantasmagoric scenes of new film, photographs exploit the dream world inhabited by models, aerial dresses. Clowns, elephants, trapeze artists, then come take part in the festival. And Capetown or LA, where the photographer shot “Magic Circus”, the colors are muted, giving models, plenty of time to shine.

Romanian photographer, Schuller has experienced communism before settling in France. Passionate about fashion and design has always been, he turned to photography and fanciful subjects. In his Paris studio, he works with his wife Peggy, stylist. A story of passion.

Anonymous images or recognized photographers, all related to the circus, enrich the exhibition in Brussels and fully immerse us in this bath of madness. Impossible to undo.

“Magic Circus” by Kristian Schuller
From November 30 to January 26
Young Gallery
75b Avenue Louise, 1050 Brussels
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 am to 18:30


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