Jim Rohn (mentor of Tony Robbins)

I often doubt about making a career as a painter and I finally took a decision which gave me a feeling of relieve: I decided that I will always paint but I won’t make a career as an artist.

Finally! That what’s the problem! I was stuck in a direction that was not for me and why? Because everybody push me to become a official artist painter because they believe in my talent. They have admiration for my artwork which is a very very big compliment but a compliment who please my ego. However I don’t feel enough useful with my paintings for the others. I paint to share messages and I just receive compliments.

I can’t involve myself in a activity were, actually, the goal will be to sale my art and receive compliments. And by the mine time nobody understand the message I put in my portraits.

I have a life of experiences and understandings that I want to share with people for them to get better.
For them to win time with serious mistakes I can tell them not to do.

Of courses people never follow advices right away but I observed that whatever I say to someone to help him, to enlight him, it’s stay somewhere in his mind and it will help him at the right time.

I work with me when my mother spend her energy to aware me. What she say may help me having the right attitude in a critic time even years later.

So…I share with you this video because Jim say we can change the day we want even for a totally new direction. But, especially, fight for what is right for you!


Two months I’m doing nothing while I’m thinking what next then? First I found what I didn’t want which took time (lately I even could not paint anymore) but now I start to dream about a new project. I’m not Van Gogh. I need to meet people and I like making money with my energy, my hight heels, my feminine side, my smile and my heart!

Stop the jeans, the snickers and colors on my clothes, my hands.

I got stuck with a choice who was not mine. I paint but I’m not a painter. I can do many things, I did many things and I’m gonna make many things again since today!

My new project is already started but i won’t tell you yet what it is to keep the energy.I will only speak when I need advices. This project will take time, I even need to study a liitle bit but I’m finally, finally happy that I found MY direction.

Come on! Write to me!

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